Accounting Services

Accounting Services

Clearing of Backlogs

We help companies clear their accounting backlog. From filing to closing out procedures, we provide it all. We also provide part time and full time services depending on the client’s needs. Additionally, we provide managerial services in clearing the backlogs as we provide key coordination services throughout the project.

Income / Corporation Tax / Tax Clearance

We offer data entry requirements for the completion of all tax forms. We also advise on corporation tax management. Clients are required to pay taxes quarterly however, we offer monthly, quarterly, and annual tax reviews. During these reviews, clients are provided with their tax position (Payable/Refundable) and offered tax advice to improve their tax position.

Reconciliation of Bank Accounts

Clients can choose from our services of data entry of transactions to completion of bank reconciliation. In cases where cash is at risk of pilferage and theft, management can choose our services to implement and maintain internal controls around the cash processes. We offer cash monitoring services which compares your general ledger and bank statement for each month, to ensure all transactions were accounted for correctly. Material error and omission noted during our bank reconciliation review will be communicated to management and recommendations for future prevention are provided.

Preparation of Cash flows

We prepare cash flows for internal and external purposes. Clients can also request managerial reviews of the cashflow position for any period. We also offer trusted advice on cashflow management to improve a company’s liquidity.

Registration / Preparation of VAT

Preparation of vat and vat registration inclusive of data input, filing, monitors or payment refund can be tedious, but we have well trained staff to assist with these tasks. We also communicate with the VAT authority on client’s behalf to resolve vat disputes that may arise.

Payroll Preparation

We offer services to companies of any size to calculate, monitor and remit payroll to employees, including statutory deductions. Companies can choose between our standard payroll packages or our customized pack, based on the client’s specific needs.

Stock Taking

We offer full stock counts of assets and inventory. We also provide support to oversee stock count processes. Recommendations are provided in cases of stock management control gaps.

Business Registration

We register all business types inclusive of Limited Liability, Sole Trader, Partnership and Non- Profit. With our key contacts in the registration offices, we are able to provide timely results and efficient service. Once the forms are completed, we would do the rest. You can present the relevant requirements and ‘Pronto!’ you are registered.

Preparation and Filing of Annual Returns

We prepare and complete your annual returns for the registration bodies in a timely manner, to avoid interest and penalties.

Application of BIR/ NIS numbers for employer and employees

Ease your administrative stress as our team works efficiently to get what our clients need. We will save you the hassle. We assist from the completion of forms to paying taxes. We provide these key services for all organisations. We also offer expedited delivery of these services as we work closely with our contacts within the government offices.

Bank Account setup

Clients gain productive time as we gladly assist with the paperwork in steps toward the set-up of their bank account.
Courier Service for Statutory Documents Eg.

  • NIS / Health Surcharge / PAYE submission
  • Annual returns
  • BIR Documents etc.

Create TTconnect Tax Account

Our staff will set-up your tax account for you to submit your returns on time and efficiently since this is a new statutory requirement. While online filing may be new to some, we are happy to be able to give the necessary support as our team is very familiar with the process.

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